We Build Custom Mobile and Web Applications

We are a team of computer engineers that builds apps and software solutions - we have our own apps in the market and we also build custom apps for companies and individuals. We'd love to grab a coffee with you and understand your needs. Ready to talk?

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We Build Custom Apps

We Build Custom Mobile and Web Applications

Accreditaire builds custom mobile and web apps. Whether you're looking for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), a mature app or maintenance of an existing app, we're here to help.

Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)

High end mobile and web apps

Maintenance/Enhancements of existing software

Full Service Software Consulting

We are a full service software company. From planning to design, development, testing and shipping.

If you're looking to building a brand new app, Accreditaire is the only door you have to knock on. We'll help you plan, design, build, test and ship to Apple's AppStore and Google's Play Store.

Our Services

A team of engineers with multiple abilities

iOS and Android apps

We build mobile apps ready to be shipped to Apple's and Google's platforms. Schedule a call and learn more about our portfolio.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support. Once you have a project with us, you'll have the phone number of our founders and engineers. We're just one text message or phone call away.

Artificial Inteligence

Accreditaire provides machine learning services. We create models, build algorithms and work with existing models and software.

Strategist Approach

Accreditaire is a strategy partner. We'll help you find the best and cost-effective solutions fit your needs.

Mobile Friendly Approach

We build web solutions ready to be used on smartphones and tablets.

Cybersecurity Approach

We follow high standards of security in all our solutions. Our team applies ethical-hacking techniques to assess and solve vulnerabilities.