Our Services

Software Engineering

We deliver software solutions for enterprises and also design and build software from scratch. We have expertise in many technologies (Node.JS, Rails, Java, Python, Flutter, and more) and we are ready to provide software engineering, construction and maintenance services.

Cloud and DevOps

We are used to working with different cloud environments (AWS, Azure, GCP, Digital Ocean...). We maintain best devops practices, including best in class security and app hosting.

Artificial Intelligence

We design and develop machine learning algorithms to enable better decision making and competitive advantage.

APIs and Integrations

APIs and integrations keep the world spinning. We are used to integrating different APIs, databases, marketing systems, and much more!

Mobile App Design and Development

We design, build, test, publish to App Store and Google Play, and maintain native and hybrid apps. Whether it's a brand new app to be built from scratch or an existing app, we are ready to start working.

New Technologies

Our team is driven by challenges and new opportunies. We develop apps using new technologies like augmented reality and languages like Elixir and GoLang.

We Build New Software

We are ready to understand new software demands and create a new product from zero with the best available tools

We Modernize Existing Software

We modernize existing software: mobile and web apps, websites, APIs, and more!


E-Commerce App (Shopify Integration)

Accreditaire has a custom-made app for your online store! Get your store to the next level - create a new interaction with your customers with push notifications!

Financial App

We developed a financial mobile application (iOS and Android) for a fintech.

Real Estate

With experience working with real estate clients, we developed a property listing app and also an app that automates property listing for realtors

Software as a Service

We developed a end-to-end Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that is used as an online ordering platform for restaurants.

Our Technologies

Best in class software engineering

We use the best available tools and support most legacy technologies as well

  • Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, Angular, Angular.js, Blazor Pages, Next.js, React
  • Back-end: Node.js, Go, Ruby on Rails, Python (Django/Flask), .NET
  • Mobile apps: Native Android and iOS, Flutter

As a software company, we are ready for challenges. We can quickly assemble dedicated teams fluent in a specific group of technologies to meet your needs. Also, we use the best available technologies to build new software products.

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